How Much Does a Website Cost in Kenya?

In the existing society, a website is an essential requirement for both small enterprises and large companies. By looking at the marketing environment in society today, you can realize that web technologies have changed how businesses used to advertise and sell their products and services.

However, it is surprising that with all the benefits that business gets from using a website, some company either don’t have a good website or don’t have a website at all. In most cases, this is due to the preconceived notion that a website is costly to acquire and maintain.
The past few years have seen the price of websites significantly reduced. Lytfix gives you a comprehensive guide of the cost of websites in Kenya and what to check to ensure you get the best quality.

The following are the criteria used to estimate the cost of a business or personal website.
Domain Name – Ksh1, 500 p.a to 5, 000
Hosting – Ksh2, 000 to Ksh15, 000 (depending on the hosting services and traffic)
Theme – Ksh1, 500 to 5, 000 (Those with companion plugins and built-in features costs slightly more)
Web planning and Design– Approximately one week
Continued Website Maintenance– Ksh42, 000p.an average (cost is subject to change depending on the type and number of updates)
Online Marketing of Your Website – Social media marketing-Ksh15, 000 monthly minimum, search marketing –Ksh30, 000 monthly and up.

It would help if you asked yourself the following questions when preparing to budget the cost of a website.

Is it a new website or an existing one that needs to be redesigned?
Do you want a Content Management System or a blog?
Does the site have already installed graphics?
Do you want a responsive design that resizes automatically for tablets and mobile phones?
Do you have content for the site or you want it to be created for you?
Do you need any special features such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media channels, or e-commerce?

Below we go into finer details of a website’s cost in Kenya when some of the above features are included.
Generally, regardless of size, a new website is more expensive to design than redesigning existing ones.
Designing a responsive design website costs about 20 percent more than those intended to be used only for desktop web browsers.
For small websites, adding web content is usually straightforward and is left to the owners. But if you want this to be done for you, you should budget for 500 per page of 275 words.
SEO (off-page optimization, on-page optimization, etc.)- From Ksh7 to 15
Social media integration- For creation and managing social media profile (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Linkedln, Google+, etc.)-1,200
So how much does a website cost?

A standard website for small and medium enterprises would cost from as low as 20, 000 Kenya Shillings.

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